Notice to Quit Given

In the actions button from the list of tenancies or when viewing a tenancy, there is an option to log a notice to quit given by a tenant to you.

This shouldn't be confused with a landlord giving a tenant a notice requiring possession of some description (e.g. section 21, section 8 or notice to quit).

This option is for recording when a tenant gives the landlord a notice to quit.

On clicking the notice to quit given option, a pop up appears for the relevant information to be entered.

Rent days

At the top are read only current rent day and next rent day. This is a visual aid to help you understand when the notice to quit given should expire.

A notice to quit given by a tenant should always be at least a rental period (e.g. calendar month) and round up to the day before a rent is due. For example, if the rent is payable on the 15th of a month and notice is given on 2 April, it should expire 14 May.

Notice to Quit Dates

Enter the date the notice was given and the date it expires.


If the notice was given by email and you use a cloud based email service, you can insert the URL of the actual email.

It would usually be best to print the notice as a PDF and then upload that as an attachment to the upload field.


From the tenancies list at the top, you can select the "has notice been given" toggle to display any tenancies where a notice to quit has been given.

Editing the Notice to Quit Dates

The dates can be edited from within the tenancy record (by clicking edit in the top right) and are to be found under the "tenancy end" heading close to the bottom of the record.