Send Email

You can send an email to a tenant a couple of ways:

  • using the actions button from the tenancies list next to each record, click on "send email"

  • view the tenancy record and at the top use the actions button to "send email"

  • view the tenancy record and scroll to the bottom. Click on the "communications tab" and click on the send email button on the right hand side.

Sending an email produces a pop up where the subject and body can be edited.

The name(s) of the tenant(s) will be shown along with the letting unit address.


Templates are a work in progress but are functioning. You can select between "system" and "custom".

System Templates

From the dropdown, you can select from different templates which are system built in. Select the template (for example "rent arrears") and click the "insert text" button. This will insert the text from the template. You can still further manually modify the inserted text.

The advantage of a system template is that it can bring in data from the database such as current arrears.

Custom Templates

Custom templates can be created for commonly used emails you might send with the same text.

From the templates dropdown, select "custom" and then select your template from the options. Click the "insert text" button and the text will be overwritten in the body. You can still further modify the body text before sending.


A single attachment file can be added to the upload box which will be sent with the email.


When clicking send, the email will be sent to all tenant names. The email will use your from name and from email as setup in settings.

A blind carbon copy (BCC) will also be sent to your designated BCC email as setup in settings. This acts as further confirmation that the email has been sent correctly.

A copy of the text and any attachment will be saved to the tenancies communication table. The communication table can be found by viewing the tenancy, scroll to the bottom and select the communications tab.

Replies are not sent back to the database. Replies will be sent to your email as setup in settings.