Rental Invoices

Rental invoices should not be confused with tenant invoices which are different.

Rental invoices are entirely controlled by the system and cannot be changed. They are based upon the current arrears of a particular tenant or, are based upon individual rent payment dates.

The rental invoice built into the system is the most common and quickest way of reminding a tenant about an amount due if payment has not yet been made.

Tenancy Manager does not automatically send rental reminders to your tenants.

We have made the system super quick for you to send them manually with just a couple of clicks.

We have chosen this method because you know your tenants better than any computer app can. You will know that although they may not have paid exactly on the due date, it's always paid a day or two later.

Or, as recent events with coronavirus shows us, sometimes we need to be delicate as to how many times and when rental reminders should be sent.

Rent reminders should be sent by humans not machines (just yet anyway until artificial intelligence is a bit better!)

Rent Arrears Invoice

Where the tenant is in arrears by any amount, from the tenancy list action button, you can select Arrears Invoice and then whether to download or email it.


Choosing download allows you to print the invoice for posting.


Email will both download and email the invoice to the tenant.

A pop up will appear where the subject and body can be changed.

After clicking send, it may take a few seconds for something to happen. This is because the invoice is being put together in the cloud and downloaded.

Add/update payment delayed date

With both email and download, within the pop up is a "add/update payment delayed date" field. Usually it is auto-filled a few days ahead but can be changed.

What this field does is change any tenant in arrears from red to orange for the period until expiry of the payment delayed date.

This means when glancing through lot's of tenancies in the tenancy list, you can see at a glance that any which are orange have been marked as payment delayed. This means you know at a glance that you've already sent an invoice so there's no point sending another one (we wouldn't want to be sending invoices every day for example).

After expiry of the payment delayed date, the record will turn red again unless they have paid.

Individual Rents Due Invoice

These invoices are slightly different in that they are solely based upon when a rent has been due in the past or is due in the future. The amount on these invoices might be different to the tenancy actual arrears.

To download an invoice for a specific amount due, go to the rent schedule and using the action button next to the amount due you want, click on "download pdf". This will download an invoice just for that rental period.

You can also select download pdf from the next scheduled amount due. Useful if you want to remind a tenant of an upcoming amount payable.

Note: the amount shown on these invoices will only be for the amount due as per that record. It will not include arrears from a previous time nor overpayments. It is a fixed amount just for that rent schedule record.

Normally you are better to use the rental invoice which includes all arrears.