Payment Delayed

The "payment delayed" feature is a simple but unique visual aid especially if you have a number of tenancies showing red due to not having paid just yet.

When there is a sea of red after filtering to only show those owing rent, it can be difficult to distinguish which tenancies might be paying soon. Perhaps they have made contact to say it's going to be a few days late or for some other reason, you know it's going to paid - just not yet.

To solve this problem, Tenancy Manager has a "payment delayed" feature.

How to Use Payment Delayed

Adding a payment delayed date is very simple and sometimes automatic.

To manually add a payment delayed date simply select "payment delayed" from the actions button in the tenancies list or when viewing the tenancy and click payment delayed.

A pop up will be shown and enter a date in the future. Usually 4 - 7 days away.

On clicking save, whilst viewing the record in the list of tenancies, if they are in arrears, the record background will change from red to orange.

Example of mixture of red and orange background. Orange means they have a payment delayed date set.

Now, when glancing at the tenancies list, you can instantly see the ones which don't need attention today because for some reason they've had a payment delayed added.

Adding a Note Log

When the pp up is shown, an optional tick box (unticked by default) is available to add a note logging the reason for the payment delayed.

Ticking this box and pressing save will then display a further note pop up where a note can be made quickly and without having to view the record. By default the note will have pre-filled text of "Tenant made contact and will be paying on [delayed date]".

Other Ways to Add Payment Delayed Dates

When sending a rental invoice by either email or downloading, a payment delayed date will be auto-filled for four days ahead. After sending the rental invoice, the background will change colour to orange so you know that there's no need to send another invoice.

A payment delayed date is automatically added when a direct debit is requested. This is because the system can't usually confirm payment until the day after the rent due date so they would look like red arrears. However, it will be orange ensuring you know it's in hand.

What Happens at the End of the Date?

When the date passes, the background will turn red again if the tenant hasn't paid by that time.

The background will always be white if the arrears amount is equal to or less than 0. The payment delayed date has no effect on a tenant who has paid.