Download Word Letter

In essence, this function is for quickly downloading a Word format letter to send to the tenant. Useful if they don't have a valid email address (or the tenant doesn't check their emails often)!

To download a Word letter with all the tenancy details pre-filled, from the tenancies list and using the action button, click on "download Word letter". You can also view the tenancy and use the action button at the top in the same way.

On click, a pop up is revealed which is almost identical to sending an email.

The reference will be inserted into the Word letter as will the body text. You can also use the email templates to insert text.

On clicking send, a Word document will be downloaded for you to post to the tenant.

Because this is a Word document which can easily be edited after download, although a log will be recorded in the communication table, the contents of the final letter could be very different. As such, a final version of the letter should be added to the files panel or elsewhere for safe storage. A note should also be added as a log.