Adding Tenant Names to a Tenancy

When first adding a tenancy, tenant names cannot be added. Once the tenancy has been saved, you will see buttons appear which will allow the adding of a tenant name. Up to 8 names can be added to a single tenancy.

The button options (when they appear) are:

  • manually add tenant

  • add applicant

  • add from another tenancy

Manually adding a tenant will generally be used if you're adding an existing tenancy. The only fields that MUST be entered after clicking this button are:

  • title (mr, mrs etc.)

  • first name

  • last name

  • email

  • mobile telephone (optional but needed if plan to SMS in the future)

All other fields could be left or can be completed as you wish.

When we added all our existing tenancies into the system, we just entered these basic details as above and then scanned their application form and added that to the files panel (see later). This saved a lot of typing and allowed us to get tenancies into the system with relative speed.

Adding an applicant will display a popup showing all possible applicants that can be added. An applicant will generally have completed the online application form. On selecting the applicant, they will be added as a tenant and removed from the applicants list.

Adding from another tenancy is a way to add a tenant from another tenancy. They will not be removed from the other tenancy, they will simply be further added to this new tenancy. The system can allow a single tenant to have multiple tenancies with you (perhaps they rent a house and separately rent a garage from you).

Click the add from other tenancy and a popup with a list will appear showing the name and the letting unit where they have another tenancy. On selecting and hitting save, they will be added to this tenancy.