Adding Rental Payments

If you integrate Gocardless with Tenancy Manager, the system will automatically request a payment from the tenants bank account several days before due with an aim to receiving the rent money on the next due date. If the rent is paid by direct debit this way, the amount paid will be automatically entered and a notification will be sent to you to confirm payment.

You can also manually add payments anytime.

There are two ways to add a payment:

  • the quickest way is to select "add payment" from the actions button in the tenancy list

  • alternatively, you can view the tenancy and add payment from the rent schedule at the bottom.

In the pop up enter the date paid and amount paid. These fields are auto-filled based upon the rent schedule but can be changed in the pop up.

You can also optionally enter how the rent was paid if you wish.

The rent statement note will generally only be used by agent plans. This note will be displayed on a landlords statement when making payment of rents received.