Adding Files to a Tenancy

After a tenancy has been added and saved, files can be added to the record.

To add a file, click on the paperclip symbol in the top right corner.

On clicking, a files panel slides out for attachments to be added.


To add a new attachment, drag a file into the upload box. Give it a name in the title box and click upload.

The file will then be available when opening the files panel to view and download.

It's useful for all types of tenancy documents such as the tenancy agreement, manually created letters to the tenants and all other tenancy specific documents.

Don't add anything specifically to do with a letting unit into the tenancy files panel as you might not be able to find it later if you forget which tenancy you added the file to. Anything specific for a letting unit (for example a boiler warranty letter) should be added in the letting unit record.

Also, don't add any inspection files (e.g. gas safety record) into this files panel as there is a dedicated section for inspections where files can be added to.