Viewing and Filtering Tenant Invoices

To view the list of tenant invoices, click on tenancies in the sidebar then "view invoices"

This will list all invoices.

There are three filters which can be used:

  • unpaid (set by default on view)

  • paid

  • credit due (set true by default)

The default list on viewing the list will show all unpaid invoices and any credits due to the tenant.

Any credits due will be highlighted red to act as a reminder that you need to make payment.

You can view or edit any of the invoices via the actions button next to each invoice.


The dashboard will show the number of unpaid tenant invoices and unpaid credits due. Clicking on either will go to the tenant invoices list view.

Tenancy Record

At the bottom of every tenancy record is an "invoices" tab. When clicked, it will show all invoices related to that tenancy.