Create New Tenant Invoice

Creating a tenant invoice can be done several ways:

  • from the tenancies list action button, select "create invoice"

  • from the actions button at the top when viewing a tenancy, select "create invoice"

  • Select tenancies from the sidebar and then click "view invoices". From the top right corner click on "add new invoice"

Whichever method is chosen, a new page opens to create a new invoice.

Letting Unit

You must select the letting unit for which the invoice relates. This is auto-filled if selecting from a tenancy record via the actions button.

Tenant Name

This will be auto-filled if selecting from a tenancy action button. Otherwise, the correct tenant name must be chosen.

You must first select a letting unit in order then be able to choose a tenant name.

Invoice Date

This will default to today.

Invoice Number

Auto-generated by system


A large open box is used for entering details of the invoice. We find this method much simpler and quicker for creating a new invoice than having lot's of product lines, quantity and amount.

In this box, you can just put anything you like and space it out whatever looks best.

You can still separate items by cost on a line by line basis within the box.


Notes will not be shown on the invoice produced. They are for your information only.

Sub Total

Enter the amount due for the total invoice here.

Should VAT be Added?

Toggle true if VAT should be added. The VAT rate will be added onto the sub total if set to true. Otherwise sub-total will be same as total.

Total Amount

System calculated based upon whether VAT being added or not.

Credit Note

A credit note can be added exactly the same way as above except you should put a minus amount in the sub-total field. The system will automatically detect this as being a credit.

For example you could put in the invoice:

Description: Return of tenancy deposit Sub-total: -650.00

That would create a credit of £650.00 due to the tenant.