From Email

Enter the email address that should be used as the "from email" when the system sends and email to a tenant, enquiry or applicant (also a landlord client if you're on an agent plan).

This would normally be your main work email. It can be the same as the primary email used to register.

Notification Email

Enter an email where you will receive notifications from Tenancy Manager.

There can be many notifications so you may want to use a different email which you can regularly check but perhaps away from your normal work email.

You could consider some other service such as Slack and have emails sent to that.

BCC Email

Any email sent by the system to a tenant, enquiry or applicant will also send to the BCC (blind carbon copy) address you enter here.

This could be a dedicated email address that you don't want to regularly check as the BCC's are useful to be held for future reference of any communication sent.

It might be a good idea to create a new dedicated gmail or other email provider account just to receive BCC emails.

Email From Name

Like the from email address mentioned earlier, the from name will be the name displayed in any email sent by the system from you to a tenant, enquiry or applicant.

For example, this could be your company name.

Enter here any default email footer to be used when sending emails via the system. This footer will be automatically inserted into any popup sending an email. It can be changed on an email by email basis.

SMS From Name

If you use the built in SMS texting messaging feature, you can add a from name here which is recommended.

We've tested both with a name and without a name when messaging tenants and on balance we think having a from name works better because the tenant is more confident who it is from.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to filling this in or not:

If filled in, this will be displayed on the recipients device as a from name. However, the recipient WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REPLY. If you leave this blank, a random mobile number will be used for each message and you will need to identify yourself in the message (due to it being a random number). The recipient will be able to reply to the message which will be stored in Tenancy Manager.

The problem with leaving this blank is that it takes so many characters to identify yourself which is less necessary with it completed.

This what it will look like on the recipients phone.

However, as mentioned, if the name is entered, the recipient will not be able to reply to the text message. In our experience, most SMS messages sent from the system don't require a reply and if a reply is necessary, the recipient will reply by email or telephone.