Direct Debit

Although Gocardless is integrated, it is still being tested so is not ready for use (nor testing) at this stage. Only admin are testing at this moment.

However, it shouldn't be too long before it's ready.

On the direct debit tab there is a single button to integrate with Gocardless who is our direct debit partner.

On clicking the button, you will be directed to login or register with Gocardless and link your account with Tenancy Manager.

Once completed, you will be able to invite tenants to use direct debit to pay the rent which will be automatically entered into the database and payment made directly to your bank account (as set up in Gocardless).

It will also be possible to import existing customers into Gocardless (if you already have customers within Gocardless).

Extra charges apply for integrating Gocardless