At the bottom of viewing a letting unit, there are some sub-tables separated by tabs which show related information.


The first tab shows all related tenancies for the letting unit.

A new tenancy can be created from this sub-table by clicking the button in the top right of the sub-table.

Using the action button next to each record, you can:

  • view the individual tenancy

  • edit the tenancy

  • create a tenant invoice for that tenancy

Completed Inspections

As the name suggests, any completed inspections are shown as a list and can be viewed from the actions button.


Clicking the repairs tab will list all related repairs and their current status. See the repairs section for more details.

A new repair for the letting unit can be added from this sub-table.


On clicking the notes tab, a list of all notes created for the letting unit will be shown.

A new note can be added by clicking the button in the top right of the sub-table.

You should only add notes here that directly relates to the letting unit. Almost every table and record throughout the entire Tenancy Manager has an ability to add notes so they should be added where most relevant.