Filtering and Searching

There are a number of filters available to narrow down the results shown in the letting unit list.


A letting unit can be either active or inactive. Effectively, inactive is how to effectively archive a letting unit. By default, on viewing the letting units list, they are filtered by only showing Active. You can select the toggle to switch between active and inactive.

Currently to let

It's possible to mark a letting as "currently to let". This has other functionality such as dealing with enquiries (see later). By selecting this toggle, only letting units marked as "currently to let" will be displayed.

Empty letting units

The empty letting units toggle will show any letting units with no associated active tenancy. As there is no active tenancy associated, this essentially means in all probability, the property is currently unoccupied.

Has no report for

The dropdown presents the following options:

  • None (default on viewing the list)

  • Gas safety record

  • Energy performance certificate

By selecting one of the options, any letting unit which doesn't have an active, in force, inspection of the type chosen will be shown.

For example, if you had a house which had no live gas safety record, by selecting gas safety record from the dropdown, that house would be shown.

This is a good way of quickly seeing if any letting units have any reports urgently needed because there isn't a live one.

The list will only display if a letting unit actually requires the report. When adding a new letting unit, you can select if a gas safety record and/or EPC is required. If the letting unit is set to not require a certain inspection, it will not show in the list

Management status

Above the management status heading, there is a dropdown filter which by default shows all. On selecting the dropdown, the list of letting units can be filtered by managed, owned, let only or rent collection only.

This feature only properly works with an agent plan as landlord plan can only choose "owned"

Property Use

The property use dropdown will filter between the various property uses which Tenancy Manager can handle. The property use is setup in the letting unit when adding new or editing. The options available are:

  • Residential

  • Business use

  • Garage

  • Storage

  • Car parking space

Use the search box to search any of the letting unit columns.