Add New/Edit Letting Unit

There are two ways to add a new letting unit:

  • Go to the view landlords list and from the action button next to the landlord, click on "add letting unit"

  • Click on 'Letting Units' in the sidebar to reveal options then click on 'View Letting Units". In the top right corner you can click on "Add new letting Letting Unit".

You may be limited to the number of letting units which can be added depending on the chosen plan.

Editing a letting unit can be done by viewing the letting unit and clicking "edit" in the top right corner.


The letting unit will be marked as "active" by default on adding new. This can be changed later by clicking on the toggle when in edit mode. This effectively archives the letting unit but can still be viewed by using the filters when listing all letting units.

Currently to Let

The currently to let toggle can be used to mark the letting unit as available for rent. This has useful features within Tenancy Manager for example, the enquiries list will only show currently to let letting units by default.

A letting unit can also be marked as "currently to let" from the actions button next to every record in the list of letting units. This saves having to view then edit the letting unit to make this change.

If a letting unit is already marked as currently to let, it can be switched of by being marked as under offer/let from within the same actions button.

Property Info

Select the associated landlord and the property use (residential, business use etc.)

Address Info

Use the address search box to start typing an address or postcode and select from the dynamic list to auto-fill all the address fields. The address search box is linked to the Royal Mail database (via a third party) and is updated daily.


Management is only changeable for agent plans and allows to select from:

  • managed

  • owned

  • let only

  • rent collection only

For landlord plans, owned is the only available option

If an option other than owned is selected, you may enter commission amounts and types.

Utilities Info

It's important to correctly select whether a gas safety record and/or energy performance certificate is required using the provided toggles. These have functionality within the system.

It's important to select the gas safety record and EPC toggles as appropriate because they allow for the tracking of those inspections and other functionality within the database.

Underneath the above mentioned toggles, you can select utilities. On clicking in the box, you can select from the following options:

When clicking on one of these, further information can be entered which relate to the utility.

For example, when clicking on water, you can enter the location of the water stop tap and other important water information for future reference.

You can return to the select utilities box and select as many or all as you wish. Only any that have been selected and some information entered will be permanently displayed when viewing a letting unit.

Default Tenancy Terms

By clicking on the default tenancy terms header, will expand and reveal more options for each utility.

When adding a new tenancy (see later), the options selected here for each utility will be automatically selected in the new tenancy. However, they can still be changed on a tenancy by tenancy basis. These are simply defaults to be auto-filled on a new tenancy being added.

Letting Particulars

On clicking the lettings particulars heading, various fields are presented for future reference in relation to any advertising you may do for the property. The fields are typical of what are required for online portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla.

Non of these fields are mandatory although some will act as a default setting when inviting a prospective tenant to complete an application. Like the default tenancy terms earlier, the information can be changed when making the invite (see later). The fields which will be auto-filled into a new application invitation are:

  • is guarantor required

  • rent amount

  • deposit amount

  • contract duration

  • available from

After Saving a Letting Unit

After you have added a new letting unit and saved, a message will appear where you can "add similar". This can be used to quickly add a similar letting unit and is especially useful if you have many rooms in a house which you let as all the details will be copied into the new record where you can just adjust the address accordingly.