Add New/Edit Repair

There are two ways to add a repair:

  • Click on letting units to expand then view repairs will show the list. From the list, click add new repair in the top right corner.

  • From the letting units list, use the action button next to the letting unit and select ”Add repair”.

A repair can be edited in two ways:

  • select ”edit” from the actions button in the repairs list

  • view the repair record and select ”edit repair” from the top right.

Repair For

Select the letting unit for which the repair relates. This is auto-filled if selecting add repair from the letting unit list.

If the repair is in a common area of a block of flats, you can choose the closest letting unit to the repair (for example you could choose flat 1 or ground floor flat of the particular property).

Repair Info

This section contains the main information about the repair.

Date informed

Enter the date you were informed about the repair.

How informed

Select from the dropdown options how you were informed abut the repair.


Enter a summary of the repair. This will be shown in the list of repairs.

More information

Here you can enter more detailed information about the repair if necessary. Often the summary is sufficient.


From the dropdown select the status of the repair. The status can be updated anytime either by editing the record or from the actions button in the repairs list view. The options are:

  • To Do (use for urgent repairs to be done promptly)

  • In Hand (use for less urgent repairs which are in hand and being organised)

  • Postponed (use for less urgent repairs which need time to organise or perhaps not be completed for some time if more of a maintenance nature)

  • Completed (use when the repair has been completed).

Has 24 hours notice been given?

Use this as a visual aid and reminder whether you’ve given the occupier at least 24 hours notice f your intention to enter to carry out the repair.


Set the priority. 1 is the higest priority and 5 is the lowest.

Date attend

Enter a date and time in this field if you want the attend date to be displayed in the events summary on the dashboard.


A Single file can be uploaded whilst adding the repair. More files can be added into a files panel after the record has been saved for the first time (see later).


At the bottom of a repair record when viewing, there is a notes sub-table. A new note can be added by clicking the add note button.