View/Filter/Search Inspections

You can view the list of inspections by clicking on letting units in the sidebar and then "view inspections" from the options.

To view an individual inspection, click on view from the actions button.

Any that are due within 2 months will have a yellow background in the list and any overdue will turn red.

The view can be quickly filtered ...

Overdue and due soon

Selecting this toggle will only show any inspections due within 2 months.

Inspection Type

Using this dropdown, you can show only inspections of a specific type (e.g. gas safety record).


The status filter can show all, only completed inspections or only current inspections due.

Current means the inspection is scheduled and has not been completed yet.

Use the search box to filter records further.


On the left near the record numbers is a "PDF" button. This will allow you to download a PDF of whatever is currently showing on your screen at that moment.