Add New Inspection

You can add a new inspection by clicking on letting units in the sidebar to reveal options and then click "view inspections". From this list of inspections, you add new by clicking in the top right corner "add new inspection".

Alternatively, from the list of letting units, you can select "add inspection" from the records action button.

When adding, a popup appears with information to be entered.

Inspections are related to the letting unit only and have no connection to any particular tenancy. Tenancy Manager will always try to find the current active tenancy for the letting unit so you can easily communicate with the current tenant when an inspection is soon due.

Top Bar

At the top of the new inspection pop up, you can choose between adding a new completed inspection or a scheduled one only.

New completed inspection

This option will be the most common and should be used where possible. For example, if you want to add a new gas safety record that will be due in the future, you should add the last completed inspection by selecting this option. Tenancy Manager will automatically calculate when the next inspection is due from the information you enter for this completed inspection.

Add new scheduled only

If you would prefer not to import the last completed inspection, you can select "add new scheduled only". This will simply allow you to enter when the next inspection for the specified type is due without importing any existing record. This might be useful for a routine condition inspection where one hasn't yet been conducted for a particular letting unit.

Inspection Type

Choose from the dropdown the inspection you are logging. The system options are:

  • gas safety record

  • fixed electrical

  • EPC

  • fire alarm

  • 10 year smoke detector

Additional inspection types can be added (see later).

The system will automatically generate a new inspection being record depending on the inspection type chosen using the following rules:

Inspection type

Years/months to next inspection

Gas safety record

12 months but understanding if done up to 2 months early, the deadline date will be retained

Fixed electrical

5 years


10 years

Fire alarm

6 months

10 year smoke

10 years

Date Completed

Enter the date the inspection was completed

Next Inspection Due

The system will try to calculate when the next inspection will be due but this can be changed whilst adding.


Upload an attachment of the report. Only one file allowed.


Add any note for this specific inspection.