Add New/Edit an Enquiry

To add a new enquiry, click on letting units in the side bar which will reveal more options. Click on "view enquiries".

From here, click on "add new enquiry" in the top right.

Active Toggle

By default, active will be set as true. Whilst editing, this can be changed to false which effectively archives the enquiry record.

Viewing Invitation Sent Toggle

This toggle will be automatically set by the system when you invite the enquiry to do a viewing of your letting unit to let. The toggle can be overridden by you if you wish.

Application Invite Sent Toggle

This toggle will be set by the system when an invitation to complete an online application has been sent to the enquiry. The toggle can be overridden by you if you wish (but there should be no need to).

Enquiry For

You must select a letting unit from the dropdown. The dropdown will only show letting units marked as "currently to let".

If there are no letting units shown in the dropdown, please ensure at least one letting unit has the "currently to let" toggle set to true.

You can set a letting unit as "currently to let" quickly by going to the list of letting units and using the action button next to every record and select "To Let".

Name and Contact Info

Enter the first name, last name, email and optionally telephone of the enquiry.


The attend date and time can be used if a viewing has been arranged. It will be displayed in the Events Summary on the Dashboard.

Holding Deposit Reference

This is a system generated code. If you ask an enquiry to pay a holding deposit via Tenancy Manager, this will be the reference they will be asked to use when making payment into your bank account.