Applicant Progress

A useful feature of Tenancy Manager is tracking the progress of an application. There can be many steps and it can become confusing as to what part of the process you're at.

For speed, all these progress options can be changed whilst in view mode. You don't need to first edit the applicant to make changes to the progress options.

The top tick boxes are just for your own reference to act as a reminder wether you've sent the application successful or failed emails plus whether the holding deposit has been paid.

The other options are equally for reference only but useful to keep track.

The system will try to set defaults based upon how questions in the application form were answered. For example, if there is no previous landlord, the landlord reference option will be set to "not required" by default. You can change any of these as you see fit and have the following options to choose from:

  • not required (green)

  • not yet requested (red)

  • requested (red)

  • completed - passed (green)

  • completed - failed (red)

You can quickly view the progress of an applicant from the list view by clicking the "progress" button next to the record.