Add New/Edit Landlord

To add a new landlord, go to View Landlords and click the add new landlord button in the top right hand corner.

Tenancy agreements and invoices will use some information from these fields and optionally details from the agent settings (such as address).

Landlord plans

The information entered in the fields will be used when producing built in documents such as tenancy agreements and invoices etc.

Agent plans

The information is used for communicating with landlord clients.

Contact Info

Enter the details as per the labels. The first name and last name are just for information only and mainly used by agent plans (but are required in all plans).

The landlord display name is important and is what’s used in any tenancy agreements or notices etc.


To quickly enter an address, start typing in the search address box or type the postcode. Select from the dynamic list and all fields will be populated.

With a landlord plan, the address entered must be in England or Wales and an address where the landlord will accept notices served upon the landlord.

For agent plans, the address will be the landlord’s home address but the address entered in agent settings must be in England or Wales where notices served will be accepted.


Visible only to agent plans, here you can select the commission type and amount.

Bank details

For landlords, these details will be needed if taking a holding through the system and will also be displayed on tenant invoices for tenants to make payments directly into your account.

For agents, these details will be used for reference purposes when sending payments to your landlord clients. Bank details displayed to tenants will be as set up in agent settings and the landlord bank details here will not be displayed or used anywhere.