What is Tenancy Manager?
Tenancy Manager is a cloud based app for landlords and small agents to manage tenancies and improve productivity.
It has been designed by landlords specifically for the day to day running of tenancies including:
  • one click overview as to who is in arrears
  • integrate direct debit - where rent is paid this way, payments are recorded automatically
  • add a new rental payment manually with a couple of clicks - no need to view the tenancy record
  • quickly see inspections upcoming in next two months (e.g. gas safety records)
  • email or SMS a tenant with just a couple of taps
  • email or print an arrears invoice with a couple of taps
  • track all inspections
  • track and log repair requests
  • manage viewings with online bookings
  • allow prospective tenants to apply for a property online (and the application is added to the database automatically)
  • integrated documents including invoices, tenancy agreements and possession notices
Tenancy Manager is all about speed and productivity for those day to day tasks of running a rental portfolio.

What Tenancy Manager Isn't

Tenancy Manager is not an accounts package. It won't tell you the value of your property taking into consideration current house price inflation (or deflation). Nor will it tell you how much equity is in your property. (I don't need a computer to tell me I've got 10 years left on the mortgage at about £1k per month)!
There are lot's of fantastic products out there for managing accounts used to complete a self-assessment such as Xero (which we personally use and is fantastic). These products can link directly to your bank account and with just a few clicks you can automatically reconcile your mortgage payments, repairs bills and income.
An accounts package used for tax cannot tell you at a quick glance how much John Smith at 12 Any Street is in arrears by. It can't tell you when a gas safety record is due and it can't log a repair request from a tenant. An accounts package can't help you track referencing and tenancy agreement files.

That's where Tenancy Manager comes in.

Tenancy Manager can tell us at a glance how much John Smith owes this month. It can send an email rental invoice with just two clicks without even needing to view the actual record. Tenancy Manager can tell you when the gas safety record is due for John Smith's tenancy. All at a quick glance with as few clicks as possible. You probably don't need Tenancy Manager if there's just one John Smith but what if there's 40, 50, 100 tenancies? That's where you need to be able to manage arrears and inspections easily and not be spending all your time trying to remember who owes what and when stuff needs doing.
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